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10 Smart Must-Haves For Creating Your Perfect Home Gym

So you’ve made up your mind: It’s time for getting your very own home gym. A decent one. It shouldn’t take up too much space though. Oh, and it can’t be too expensive… err…

Luckily, we’ve already done the research for you, and these are 10 of the most decent, space-saving, and affordable home gym items for getting yourself some killer abs.


So yeah, something like this would be great. If you’re living in a mansion with like 10 rooms and your private spa. Oh, and a pool of course.
Mindstray home gym pic 1

Whaaat, no mansion for you? Well we better help you to maximize the space in your place.


1. This absolute ab killer will help you carve abs into your tummy if used regularly. It’ll also make you feel sore for about two lifetimes, so good luck with getting out of bed ever again.

Mindstray home gym pic 2

Get it here.


2. Want your arms to die and go to heaven? This heavy duty pull-up bar is going to make your dreams reality.

Mindstray home gym pic 3


It also happens to be space-saving AF, since it can be installed in your doorway in no time. Need it in your flat ASAP? You can get it here.


3. Yas, this suspension trainer is everything.

Mindstray home gym pic 4

It’s one of the greatest full-body workouts there is, and it sure as hell won’t take up much space in your room. Here‘s where you can get it.



4. You want your chest to POP?

Mindstray home gym pic 5

These practical push-up handles may be able to help you out. If you exercise regularly, that is – because you know, that’s part of the deal. If you’re dead serious about it, get them here.


5. Time to amp up your cardio game and get your heart pumping.

Mindstray home gym pic 6

Nope, this is not a sex toy, it’s a Crossfit speed jump rope. There’s a reason why you always see MMA fighters and boxers using their jump rope – because they want to be fit AF, that’s why. Get your very own jump rope here.



6. Because you want your six-pack and you want it now God damn it!

Mindstray home gym pic 7

This abdominal exercise mat will pretty much sculpt your abs on the same freaking day! OK OK OK, that’s a lie. I lied. If you still wanna get it, here‘s how.


7. Resistance bands for everyone!

Mindstray home gym pic 8

These are great if you want to sculpt both arms and legs. Get them here.



8. Don’t want to do your workout on the carpet?

Mindstray home gym pic 9

With these puzzle exercising mats you can turn your room into a gym hall in no time. Get them here.



9. They’re stylish, they’re colorful, and they’re kind of tiny.

Mindstray home gym pic 10

Dumbbells! If you want them, get them here.


10. Treat yourself.

Mindstray home gym pic 11

After an intense workout, your body needs some rest – and a deep tissue massage! You don’t need no one to give you one, all you need is this AccuPoint roller. Get it here.


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