Friday, January 19, 2018
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11 Photos That’ll Heal Your Faith In Humanity

Sure, there are many terrible stories one can tell about humanity… but let’s not go to that place today. Today, we’re just going to look at the bright side of things. There is good in us.

We are capable of being kind, loving and altruistic, and we’re here to show you. Forget being sad and worried for the moment, here comes the happiness.


1. This hell of a guy.


2. This great idea.


3. Door-to-door service.


4. These soldiers.


5. This officer talking a man out of suicide. Five years later, he gets an award at the American Suicide Foundation from the very same man he saved.


6. This everyday hero saving a kitten from drowning.


7. These workers at the Memphis children’s hospital.


8. This firefighter saving a cat.


9. A Norwegian Superhero making this duck’s day.

Mindstray humanity pic 10


10. These cyclists sharing their water with a little dehydrated koala bear.


11. A tourist giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio De Janeiro.


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