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14 Products For People Who Hate…Other People

So you hate people and wish that everyone in the world would just leave you alone? Man do we have the products for you! Nothing says “never be my friend ever” more than these 14 amazing products.


1. “This is my favorite finger”.


2. I’m guessing not you?


3. Turn up to a Tinder date like this at you will have the worst date ever – probably a dream come true for you.


4. “I don’t care” in another language is just as sweet.


5. “I cared once, then I had my first birthday”.


6. “It’s hard enough tolerating myself let alone putting up with all you people too”.


7. How to show people you aggressively hate them but you’re cute at the same time.


8. Time is irrelevant when hate is your currency.


9. If being stuck on a deserted island with no hope of rescue sounds like a dream come true, you definitely hate other people.


10. Isn’t it obvious by now? Humanity is Felicia.


11. If Hillary doesn’t have to, neither do you.


12. Not even a word, but it gets the message across loud and clear.


13. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.


14. “You think you’ve got problems now? Just wait until I tell you how many fucks I give”.


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