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5 Gluten-Free Food Substitutes To Boost Your Energy

Ever met someone who hates bread? Of course not – we all love it to pieces. However, it may be time for you and bread to each go their separate ways. More and more so, gluten has been identified as a dietary issue, triggering health problems in many individuals.

According to a study on American eating habits by the NPD group, 200 million restaurant visits include a gluten-free order. This indicates that more than just a few Americans are trying to cut gluten from their diet. More details, you say? Fair enough, here’s the fine print:


Gluten… like… can you repeat the question?

Nope, gluten’s neither calories nor fat. It’s a protein complex. Consisting of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin, gluten is basically the elastic, sticky part of dough, which is why people often liken it to glue. It is the gliadin part that can have negative effects on our bowel system. Sometimes, our gut bacteria identify gluten as a foreign invader, triggering an immune response which will in turn weaken our body. This is particularly problematic for people suffering from an auto-immune disease, such as Celiac disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

This is why you and gluten may have to talk.


“It’s not you, bread, it’s me.”

Good on you for not painlessly dragging it out. Now you may want to go ahead and break up with all the other foods containing gluten… good luck.


Wondering what the hell you’re supposed to eat now? Well, there are many foods that are naturally gluten-free (veggies, fruit, dairy products) but I get that you you’re already out looking for a rebound to replace good old bread. Here are a few wheat-free alternatives that’ll ease your heartbreak.


Corn is gluten-free and so is corn flour.


Rice is always a safe option. Yum, it’s time for a sushi night!


Buckwheat is a great alternative to normal wheat – you can make delicious buckwheat cookies, bread, or cake.


Quinoa can be added to any meal instead of pasta or bread.


Black beans! They come in all forms such as black bean flour for baking, or even black bean spaghetti!


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