Friday, February 23, 2018
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12 Parking Offenders Who Messed With The Wrong Citizen

There’s just something about willfully bad parking that makes ‘you’ – the average law abiding citizen, want to take a blowtorch to that douches vehicle and laugh maniacally while you’re turning it into scrap metal. Here are 12 parking offenders who weren’t getting away with that shit today.


1. I bet this person said “it’s time to take out the trash” before breaking into an air guitar solo.


2. You took up four parks in a busy car park – you got off light.


3. Pretty sure the fire department loves doing this kind of thing.


4. A super park for a super human.


5. Having no character doesn’t count as being disabled.


6. A present for me? You shouldn’t have!


7. Because you’re special.


8. Just because you have a smart car, doesn’t make you smart.


9. If you’ve seen the Godfather, you know that this isn’t good.


10. You’ve won first prize at the asshole awards.


11. When life hands you lemons, make a car park.


12. Look, the cars are making friends. Either that or the big one’s dinner…


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