Friday, February 23, 2018
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13 Photos There’s Simply No Explanation For

Context is the foundation of a good photo, otherwise certain situations could look like a tornado, wrapped in a turd sandwich cruising down the highway on a Pogo stick.


1. I really don’t think lettuce really deserves that level of irrational hate – also are there ants all over that bacon?


2. This is all your fault Japan.


3. Polar bears migrating North for the summer.


4. Ferris is gone man, just let it go.


5. Little known fact: elephants are dicks that steal shit all the time.


6. And you thought the punk movement was bad.


7. This is obviously a Photoshop job, but the real question is why?


8. Everyone has a dream.


9. Wait, is this actually a thing? Because I need to know.


10. You can’t fool me, I’d recognize that hair anywhere.


11. That cat looks awfully calm based on its current situation.


12. This guy woke up one day and thought “go big or go home”.


13. Make like a tree and leave.


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