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13 Ways Different Cultures Take Showers

If you’ve ever wondered how different cultures take showers the answer is…the same as you, you racist! Recently however, a clever meme has swept the internet detailing just how different races take showers and the results are hilarious.


1. The old bucket and tap trick.

Untitled image(6)rap | Mindstray


2. He doesn’t even know how the wallet got there, he never even went outside.

Untitled image(7)rap | Mindstray


3. Let’s not research too deep into this one – it’s probably porn.

Untitled image(13)rap | Mindstray


4. It’s hilarious because he’s Indian.

Untitled image(12)rap | Mindstray


5. It’s never a bad time for tea.

Untitled image(9)rap | Mindstray


6. If you want my gun, you’ll have to take it from my cold, wet hands.

Untitled image(16)rap | Mindstray


7. Sorry California, I hear rolling around in the mud works too.

Untitled image(19)rap | Mindstray


8. Don’t be rude Canada, it’s not your thing.

Untitled image(17)rap | Mindstray


9. Not even sure what this means – guess I failed the nerd test.

Untitled image(22)rap | Mindstray


10. It’s funny because it’s true.

Untitled image(20)rap | Mindstray


11. Money together with wet naked bodies always seems very erotic.

Untitled image(21)rap | Mindstray


12. Freaking white people! Am I right?

Untitled imagerap | Mindstray


13. This is not just a Filipino thing – everybody gets the karaoke!

Untitled image(23)rap | Mindstray


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