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16 Dogs That Completely Suck At Sports

These pooches might be adorable, but when God was handing out sporting talents, these furry canines were home sick.


1. You might want to take up limbo, because the high jump just isn’t in your future.


2. This is precisely the reason participation awards were invented.


3. You can’t fault the guy’s effort.


4. Too bad this dog never saw the see coming.


5. Sure you failed to jump through a hoop, but you gave it 100% and that’s what matters buddy.


6. This guy can run in circles like a champ.


7. The last post never lies.


8. You may be a gifted athlete, but if you can’t follow the rules you’re going to be bad at sports.


9. Imagine if a wide receiver did this after a breakaway.


10. “My minds telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me yes”.


11. This is what happens when parents tell their kids they can be anything.


12. This little guy forgot that he had back legs as well.


13. This is what fat white guys look like when they try and play sports.


14. Looks like someone’s not going to become the next American Ninja Warrior.


15. The Winter Olympics called, they want their snow back.


16. Zero points for entry, two points for the face plant.

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