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16 Female Cartoon Superheroes And Their Real Life Doppelgangers

At some point, most little girls have dreamed of becoming a real-life Disney Princess. Probably because these heroines are seen as ultra feminine, often powerful, and devastatingly beautiful. Here are 16 female cartoon superheroes who definitely fit the role of a real-life Disney Princess.


1. This Scottish beauty shows that redheads have more fun.


2. Jem is definitely no hologram.


3. Don’t think about the fact that when Disney thinks sexy, it thinks, “rabbits”.


4. Cue chirping birds in the background.


5. Every 14-year-old boy’s fantasy just came to life.


6. Although not technically a rabbit, her last name is Rabbit – more proof that Disney likes sexy rabbits.


7. This real life Pocahontas looks like every bit the warrior princess.


8. All you need to be a real-life ice princess is gigantic blue eyes.


9. Geeks like Velma are so hot right now.

female cartoon superheroes


10. Female cartoon superheroes are so hot right now.


11. Here’s looking at you red.


12. How does she eat that dinosaur leg and stay in such good shape?


13. If she’s not careful that hair’s going to become Tangled.


14. My what big ears you have!

female cartoon superheroesrap | Mindstray


15. This girl puts the Cin in Cinderella.


16. The easy way to become the Belle of the ball.


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