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16 Glorious Pranks That Appeal To Your Inner Child

It’s time to unleash that mischievous little animal inside called your inner child.


1. It’s the thought that counts.

mindstray pranks 1rap | Mindstray


2. These flavor combinations are getting out of control.

mindstray pranks 2rap | Mindstray


3. Because losing a big ass TV is like a death in the family.

mindstray pranks 6rap | Mindstray


4. Classic gag!

mindstray pranks 3rap | Mindstray


5. Shit just got real.

mindstray pranks 4rap | Mindstray


6. Same thing.

mindstray pranks 7rap | Mindstray


7. ¬†Something tells me this person isn’t gonna be so upset at finding this.

mindstray pranks 5rap | Mindstray


8. The best pranks are the most bizarre.

mindstray pranks 8rap | Mindstray


9. You cruel, cruel prankster.

mindstray pranks 9rap | Mindstray


10. This guy really played the long game as far as pranks are concerned.

mindstray pranks 10rap | Mindstray


11. This is what happens when you steal office stationary – you get rewarded with jello!

mindstray pranks 11rap | Mindstray


12. “Jokes on you – my teeth have never been cleaner”.

mindstray pranks 12rap | Mindstray


13. Because baseball is so boring that even the players would rather be doing anything else.

mindstray pranks 15rap | Mindstray


14. I don’t think this is what they meant by ‘making you work for your money’.

mindstray pranks 13rap | Mindstray


15. That might actually work.

mindstray pranks 14rap | Mindstray


16. Prankasaurus Rex.

mindstray pranks 16rap | Mindstray


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