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17 People Who Were Caught Cheating On Facebook

Getting caught cheating is bad enough without your sins being blasted out to 500 of your closest friends. You’d almost feel sorry for these people if they weren’t such a massive bag of dicks.


1. You set yourself up for that one Chris.


2. He needs to get an alphabetized catalog system.


3. Herpes has a bad rep but it’s really loyal – once you have it, it will never leave you.


4. Lynette doesn’t understand how this whole cheating thing works.


5. It’s not clear which is worse, that the guy cheated or the girl pretended to be him on Facebook…kind of creepy.


6. The walls have ears.


7. Facebook confessions are the best confessions.


8. Cheaters always ruin the good times.


9. Don’t cheat and play the victim card.


10. When she failed to mention that it was over and just assumed you’d get the hint.


11. Smile!


12. Who named these people?


13. Revenge is best served with a pair of dirty sex socks.


14. When you cheat on your husband and he gets back at you by posing as you on Facebook and stating how bad at sex he is.


15. This guy whose probably the worst brother since Cain.


16. It’s going to take some time to recover from this nasty burn.


17. When your relationship is more complicated than Twilight, it’s time to move on.

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