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18 Road Signs That Are Accidentally Insane

It’s not their fault that these road signs are insane, humanity has made them that way. Still, you might want to give them a wide berth, you never know when one of them could become dangerous – they’re totally insane after all.


1. “Stop! in the name of love, actually don’t stop ever because I hate you!”

funny street signs 2rap | Mindstray


2. So what you’re saying is life is an existential dilemma?

funny street signs 3rap | Mindstray


3. Buy this and you can live beside an asshole too!

funny street signs 1rap | Mindstray


4. This message was brought to you by the Rhyming Solves Everything Group.

funny street signs 7rap | Mindstray


5. At least give the kids a sporting chance.

funny street signs 5rap | Mindstray


6. Our roads get worse every year.

funny street signs 4rap | Mindstray


7. That’s very specific, so it must be true.

funny street signs 9rap | Mindstray


8. They really want to give out those fines, don’t they?

funny street signs 6rap | Mindstray


9. Watch out for the chocolate this year kids, it tastes funny.

funny street signs 10rap | Mindstray


10. Warning: your car may suddenly be urinated on by a plane.

funny street signs 8rap | Mindstray


11. Shhh…tiny grass is sleeping.

funny street signs 13rap | Mindstray


12. Porn accidentally happens all the time…proceed with caution.

funny street signs 11rap | Mindstray


13. If you see this sign, run…the worms know you’re here.

funny street signs 12rap | Mindstray


14. Bleach your ass hair, it’s a wonderful experience.

funny street signs 14rap | Mindstray


15. I knew the fist bumping trend wouldn’t end well.

funny street signs 15rap | Mindstray


16. For people who like talking out of their ass.

funny street signs 18rap | Mindstray


17. People gather here to be irrationally angry at minorities.

funny street signs 17rap | Mindstray


18. That’s an extremely unfortunate logo for a company…it’s amazing for everyone else though.

funny street signs 16rap | Mindstray


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