Friday, February 23, 2018
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20 Innocent Photos That Were Corrupted By Censorship

We all thought censorship was helping us have a better society, but when it fell into the wrong hands it became a nightmare of epic proportions. Innocent photos that were just minding their own business have now been corrupted by the internet’s dirty mind.


1. It’s not easy being president.


2. “No need to fight over little old me”.


3. This is what Jesus would do.


4. I don’t know what this is, but it has to be sexual right?


5. “It’s time you show me just how much you appreciate your freedom”.


6. It gets lonely being a cowboy.


7. That Game Boy has seen some things it would rather not speak about.


8. Something she ate was a little too spicy.


9. This mass beat off.


10. What has been seen, can never be unseen.


11. This is how Maryland says “hi”.


12. Just easing the tension.


13. Don’t get caught by a goblin, they make you do unspeakable things.


14. Erection busters.


15. Pay attention boys, this is how you do a chest bump.


16. By the look on her face she’s not going to be very gentle.


17. Team work makes the dream work.


18. Whoever wins, we lose.


19. There’s a good amount of protein there if you’re prepared to work for it.


20. He always provides a happy ending.

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