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22 Memes You Need In Your Life Right Now

Memes are the glue that holds our society together. If there were no more memes, people would walk into walls all day long and nothing would ever get done – let’s hear it for memes….huzzah!


1. This duck is so wise.

memes 1rap | Mindstray


2. Your former math teacher is currently eating the better deal, are you?

memes 6rap | Mindstray


3. The pineapple express.

memes 4rap | Mindstray


4. So many memories.

memes 5rap | Mindstray


5. Challenge accepted.

memes 3rap | Mindstray


6. You two have so much in common.

memes 8rap | Mindstray


7. You have to hand it to their employees, they sure are dedicated.

memes 11rap | Mindstray


8. Grandmas be like “you’re too skinny, here I made this entire triple chocolate cheesecake just for you. I’ll watch, you eat”.

memes 7rap | Mindstray


9. Summer is only for beautiful tanned people – stop trying to be a nerd hero.

memes 9rap | Mindstray


10. Repeat after me “everything’s gonna be alright” then don’t say another word.

memes 10rap | Mindstray


11. You might like spicy food, but you’re not doing the rest of the world any favors.

memes 12rap | Mindstray


12. Get it?

memes 12rap | Mindstray


13. Yesterday’s boob was a particularly good vintage.

memes 15rap | Mindstray


14. Never trust a news anchor.

memes 13rap | Mindstray


15. This is when you should steal money from the bank.

memes 14rap | Mindstray


16. The perfect crime.

memes 15rap | Mindstray


17. Her: “are you deflating right now?” Me: “no I’m a ninja and I’m escaping from the friends zone like a boss”.

memes 20rap | Mindstray


18. This Earth is beyond redemption.

memes 17rap | Mindstray


19. I can’t explain it, but this photo turns me on so damn much right now.

memes 18rap | Mindstray


20. An elephant man with a heart of gold is still an elephant man.

memes 16rap | Mindstray


21. So I guess the next logical step is to burn our schools down?

memes 19rap | Mindstray


22. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of your missing apostrophe.

memes 2rap | Mindstray


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