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5 Pokemon Go Hacks To Help You Catch ‘Em All

You’re having a lazy day but still want to succeed at Pokemon Go? We’ve collected five of the most prominent Pokémon Go hacks from around the world, just so that you can take some time off and put some Voltaren on your aching muscles. Here’s what you need to do.


1. Why not let a drone help you out!?

Reddit user hyperion995 definitely knows how to screw with the system. By using a software that transmits his phone’s screen to his laptop, he’s able to sit back while letting the drone do all the work.


2. Since your Roomba is doing the cleaning already, it may as well catch some Pokémon.


3. If you don’t mind the risk of watching your phone getting smashed against a wall, you can strap it to the fan – done.


4. How could it possibly be considered cheating if your partner in crime is the cutest ever!?


5. Deactivate AR in at the right time.

Need to rack up your Pokémon count? One of the simplest ways is to turn off AR to center a Pokémon on your screen. This way, throwing Pokéballs will be as easy as pie.

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