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7 Things People In Relationships Don’t Worry About

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of articles advocating the joys of single life and the freedom you experience when you don’t have anyone to be accountable to. The single life is easier than the life of those poor people in relationships, due to the invention of apps like Tinder allowing you to get your booty call with a swipe of your smartphone (just like your Uber).

However, relationships can be just as good if not better than being single. The grass is not always greener just because you can stay up late, eat whatever you want and play Xbox. Relationships improve mental health, personal well-being and can be way better than the single life.

Here are seven things people in relationships don’t have to worry about that single people definitely do.


1. The sex…it’s better and you can get it more often.

When you truly love, trust and communicate well with your partner, you can have consistently great sex (better than anything you’d have when you’re single). That’s because, no matter how wild and crazy those two single Humpasaurus Rexes are, they don’t know each other’s likes and dislikes, they can’t relax and enjoy the experience as much and single people can be incredibly selfish during sex (maybe because they don’t care about you, only what they can get from between your legs).

Also, people in relationships that are healthy have better communication and can talk to their partners about the sex, trying different things and expressing your likes and dislikes. If you can do this with your partner, you’ll find that the sex in your relationship will be just as fulfilling (probably even more so) than any one night stand, which you probably won’t remember anyway considering how drunk you got last night.


2. Constant companionship.

Ever been to the movies alone? Some people love it. At my last job, sitting round a desk with seven other people, I found that every one of us had been to see a movie alone at some point. For some people it’s a liberating experience and if you can do that without feeling like a freak than more power to you, but if being alone all the time isn’t your thing, having someone there to go out shopping with, to dinner and to the movies with can be extremely assuring and enjoyable.

Sure, when you’re not in a relationship you can go hang out with friends, but every once in a while you’ll find a weekend that none of your friends are available and then you’ll have to dig up some acquaintance from the past to take to a movie who you really don’t like anyway.


3. People in relationships are comfortable staying at home on Saturday night.

Do you get anxiety on Saturday nights if you’re at home alone, watching TV or playing video games? Do you feel the need to message all your friends to see what they’re doing because the idea of being alone when the world is partying is just not your bag?

People in relationships don’t care about that shit. You wanna stay in and watch a movie? No problem, go out for a romantic date? You can do that, how about go drinking and dancing with your friends on your own or with your partner? Newsflash: you can actually do the same things you did when you were single now that you’re in a relationship. Just because your dating or married, doesn’t mean you’re dead.


4. You have your very own personal hype man/ woman.

Have you ever experienced what it’s like being someone’s favorite person in the world? Having someone love you unconditionally and want the best for your life? Congratulations, this is what it’s like being in a healthy relationship.

Are you having problems with your confidence before a job interview? Talk to your partner about it who will probably reassure you that you are the smartest, most amazing and capable person alive and that the company would be a fool not to hire you. Ever had someone criticize you? Watch as your laidback other half becomes a lion/lioness and metaphorically rips out that person’s jugular for daring to speak like that about their loved one.

Having someone that’s always in your corner no matter what is very comforting.


5. People in relationships can actually enjoy their night out.

When people go out to clubs and bars, they are going to try and find someone they can hook up with – whether that be for a night or something longer. But how about just enjoying the night out for what it is?

When you’re in a relationship you can go out to a club with your friends or with your partner and actually have fun, dance, drink and not care about finding someone to take home by the end of the night.


6. Rejection.

There is no word more hurtful in the English language than ‘rejection’. No one likes it and if they aren’t bothered by it, that person is broken and you should go and hug them right now until their soul comes back.

There’s nothing worse than going out for the night, meeting someone, expressing your interest while they give you the cold shoulder, the wrong number, the line “I have a boyfriend/girlfriend” even though they’ve been alone, flirting with you for the last 45 minutes.

Going home, alone after being rejected is the biggest walk of shame there is.


7. You don’t have to be completely fake anymore.

Meeting someone for the first time is always a lie because you meet the best version of that person. Are they fun? Super spontaneous? Super funny and witty? Yeah, that’s because they are trying to get in your pants or at least, not have to do the rejection walk of shame.


Maybe you take that person home that night? Maybe you don’t. You’re not going to talk about life, marriage, kids etc the first time you meet someone (in most cases). You don’t know what that person wants, if they will stick around for more than just one night of sex or if they want someone for a lifetime. Love isn’t a battlefield, it’s very diplomatic in nature, now being single, that’s the real battlefield because you’re meeting other single people who are straight up lying to you. Who have different hopes, dreams, desires, fantasies, expectations.

Think being single is easy? Someone down the line is going to get hurt regardless of whether you’re having what you thought was a one night stand or something a little longer.

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