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8 Of The Funniest Amazon Reviews You’ll Ever Read

Products + People = Hilarious.

1. Swiss Army Knife.

Here‘s where you can try out this magical trick yourself.


2. This waterproof kindle case cover.

If you want to protect your kindle but NOT kill somebody, get your waterproof case cover here.


3. The marriage-saving banana slicer.


Need some marriage support yourself? Get it here.



4. This not-a-tent tent.

Mindstray Amazon Review Pic 6

You may not want to take it on your hiking trip, but if you understand its purpose, you can get it here.


5. Be the King Penguin.

Mindstray Amazon Review Pic 7

You could also wear it to a fancy dress party (#justsaying). Also, you can get it here.


6. This ‘no-sex-for-you-ever’ wire cage.

Mindstray Amazon Review Pic 9

Err… well, you could get it here. If you leave your kids out of it, that is.


6. Pelvic floor exercisers for everyone!

Mindstray Amazon Review Pic 13

Feeling a little adventurous? This can help you out.


7. Hair removal creams are getting increasingly popular among men.

Mindstray Amazon Review Pic 15

Want it? Get it here.


8. Great to look at, but just a tiny bit too expensive…?

Mindstray Amazon Review Pic 17

You don’t know what to do with your money? Fair enough, you can spend it here big time.



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