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Artsy Wedding Dresses Are Here And They’re Colorific

So you’re about to get married and your dress is screaming traditional but you’re all about the artsy wedding dresses? You look at the tablecloths and they are white, the flowers are white (orchards), your family is white (you have that Irish skin) and your wedding dress is white. That’s a lot of white to have at a wedding, but why? What’s up with all the whitewashing at weddings? Why do we care so much about tradition? I say it’s time to rage against the white machine and turn your bland white canvas of a wedding dress into a beautiful art creation.

Dip Dye wedding dresses are the latest thing. That’s because white is so last century and because the bottom of wedding dresses usually get dirty after touching the floor (you know, since they’re white). To find out how to create your own dip dye masterpiece, take a look at this DIY tutorial or if you want to flash that cash, why not order one here.


1. More like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party than your traditional wedding and we’re loving it!



2. White is so void of color and emotion – those artsy wedding dresses are the way to go.



3. One cannot know where the dress stops and where the ground begins.



4. The blue lagoon.


5. For the girl who always wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid – you get bonus points if you’re a natural red head.


6. Sometimes compromises need to be made so you don’t give your mother a heart attack with one of the more artsy wedding dresses.



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