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This Backpacking Mom Turned Her Maternity Leave Into An Awesome Adventure

Instead of staying at home for a year, London mom Karen Edwards had another idea. She’s always loved traveling, and used the so-called baby gap year to explore the world some more.

Many parents may be rubbing their eyes in disbelief now: How does she manage to travel and take care of a small child!? Well, she’s not saying that it’s always easy – but according to her blog ‘travelmadmum‘, it’s definitely worth it.


Meet Karen Edwards and her daughter Esmé.


At first the little family headed for New Zealand, the home country of Karen’s hubby Shaun.



By the time Esmé was 10 months old, she had been to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong and also inspired her


When Esmé was born, Karen initially thought “that’s it, travel days are over.”


However, she soon decided that with an Irish mom living in London and a New Zealand dad, the “gal [was] destined to travel.”


In sum, it is “all about incorporating your little person into your way of life.”


Esmé may just be the most well-traveled baby in the world: She’s been around the world twice and visited twelve counties. You go girl!



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