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This Girl Does Yoga With Her Goat And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Meet Rachel Brathen and her adorable pet goat Penny Lane. With more than two million Instagram followers, Rachel is one famous yogi, and so is Penny Lane. That’s right: They’re the perfect yoga buddies… and the most definitely the cutest bunch of yogis around.


Rachel and her husband adopted the baby goat after meeting her at an animal sanctuary.

Walks in the neighborhood with @penny_thegoat ?? #goodmorning

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Raising a baby goat may be a little demanding at times, but soon enough Rachel learned something very special about her new family member…

Best part of my day. @ringo_thegringo still doesn’t love @penny_thegoat but at least he is sharing his bed with her now. Progress! She is such a spazz, jumping up and down, doing flips, climbing on everything. Taking her for walks is literally the best. And no, our house isn’t full of goat poop… She’s only had a few accidents so far! The key is to be really aware of what she is doing and knowing when it’s time for her to hang out in the garden??? The only tricky thing right now is actually her chewing! She chews on EVERYTHING. All the time. Non stop. My hair (I’d be getting daily trims if I wasn’t careful), magazines, toilet paper rolls, my dresses, the dogs tails (that’s a fun one)… And of course, plants! We have no plants left in the house. Which is ok, because we have a baby goat☺️❤️ Still eating from a bottle twice a day but weaning now so lots of palm tree leaves, grass and hay. #pennyupdate @penny_thegoat #babygoat #love

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… Penny Lane loved yoga more than anything! Just look at her balancing that crow pose like a boss!

In fact, Penny Lane turned out to be the ultimate yoga buddy. She just couldn’t stay away from it.

Soooooo while we’re skiing it up here in Whistler today apparently @penny_thegoat has gone viral…?!?!? Our baby goat yoga videos were featured in @huffingtonpost @dailymail @businessinsider @boredpanda @reddit and so many more news sites it’s crazy! The senior producer of @theellenshow emailed me! WHAT IS GOING ON???? Seriously! I’ve been doing this social media thing for so long and never thought little Penny would be the one to break the internet☺️ So much love! Animal rescue, guys. It’s where it’s at! We would have never taken Penny Lane in if she wasn’t a rescue – adopt don’t shop goes for baby goats, too!❤️? Go to my Facebook page Rachel Brathen Yoga Lifestyle to read it all. xo! @penny_thegoat #pennythegoat #holyshit #pennylane #babygoat #stillnotmybaby #throwback @bluewaterlove

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It didn’t take long, and the adorable yoga pair had gone viral.


Rachel and Penny Lane are not only yoga buddies, they’re also BFFs in real life. They pretty much spend all their time together.

Taking all my meetings on the couch with @penny_thegoat today❤️?? #baaaa #thursday #gardenoffice

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Absolute yoga squad goals.

Float on. #balasana #ocean #pennythegoat #float #supyoga #yogaeverydamnday

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So if you’re into yoga and in need of a little inspiration, make sure to hit up Rachel Brathen’s Instagram. It’ll remind you to start doing yoga with a smile.

@penny_thegoat strikes again…☺️??❤️ #yogaeverydamnday

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