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Guy Creates 9 Hilarious Animal Facts And Puts Them Up At The Zoo

Jeff Wysaski who goes by the name of Obvious Plant on Tumblr, decided that the normal animal facts just weren’t cutting it, so he took matters into his own hands and made up hilarious lies about certain zoo animals and posted them around Los Angeles Zoo – the results are Goddamn hilarious.


1. There’s always one and his name is Phillip – never trust a guy in pink.

Untitled image(2)rap | Mindstray



2. Owls don’t get a lot of recognition. Except for making creepy noises at night time in horror movies.

Untitled image(5)rap | Mindstray


3. Bears hate it when we turn around – our faces make them irrationally angry.

Untitled image(3)rap | Mindstray


4. It’s instinct.

Untitled image(8)rap | Mindstray


5. Keep one as a pet and you’ve got your very own ghost detector.

Untitled imagerap | Mindstray


6. What’s with them always standing up like that all the time – seems suspicious.

Untitled image(9)rap | Mindstray


7. Who wouldn’t fall for that?

Untitled image(7)rap | Mindstray


8. This one seems suspicious – no one likes soup, not even sick people.

Untitled image(4)rap | Mindstray


9. You’ll know the evolution is complete when they start building skyscrapers out of seal carcasses.

Untitled image(6)rap | Mindstray

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