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22 Photos Suggesting Humanity Is Doomed to Fail

Sometimes everyone needs a little reality check to remind them that although sometimes things can suck, humanity is doomed anyway so we’re all going down really.


1.  This is good, now you’ll never miss the best part.

humanity is doomedrap | Mindstray


2. This legend who decided this woman’s vanity would not be tolerated.

humanity is doomedrap | Mindstray


3. The moment where confidence turned into arrogance.

humanity is doomedrap | Mindstray


4. I think you forgot something.

humanity is doomedrap | Mindstray


5. Because boooooobs! That’s why!

humanity is doomedrap | Mindstray


6. When you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it.

fails 6rap | Mindstray


7. The after shot.

fails 8rap | Mindstray


8. Never trust a sign that has to tell you that you’re in a ‘safe place’.

fails 9rap | Mindstray


9. God I hope that guy’s wearing something under that belly.

fails 7rap | Mindstray


10. Turning Mary on can be an awkward experience.

fails 10rap | Mindstray


11. You brought this on yourselves guys.

fails 11rap | Mindstray


12. Humanity is doomed so YOLO I guess?

fails 12rap | Mindstray


13. You don’t need giant balls to try this, you only need one giant ball.

fails 15rap | Mindstray


14. I don’t think this is what they mean by smart/casual.

fails 14rap | Mindstray


15. It’s best not to tell him, he thinks he’s doing well.

fails 16rap | Mindstray


16. Bruce Lee is alive and well and he’s a total freaking idiot.

fails 15rap | Mindstray


17. You might need a hug…from someone not in your family.

fails 13rap | Mindstray


18. The old guy on the right can’t even hold his own arm up, how’s he going to hold the tower up?

fails 17rap | Mindstray


19. Village of the damned.

fails 20rap | Mindstray


20. Ladies!

fails 19rap | Mindstray

21. These boys really want to stay virgins forever.

fails 21rap | Mindstray


22. Godzilla’s daughter went on holiday in France and forgot her legs.

fails 18rap | Mindstray


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