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21 Sexting Fails That Made Us All Very Uncomfortable

These sexting fails are about as sexy as watching two hippos mate.


1. Leave a little something to the imagination.

sexting fails 4


2. You have to admire this guy’s persistence.

sexting fails 2


3. Slippery when wet.

sexting fails 1


4. This isn’t a sexting fail, it’s a sext fort.

sexting fails 5rap | Mindstray


5. Don’t worry about the ‘d’.

sexting fails 6rap | Mindstray


6. This family affair.

sexting fails 7rap | Mindstray


7. We were all thinking it.

sexting fails 3rap | Mindstray


8. Life’s not always so sexy.

sexting fails 10rap | Mindstray


9. This guy who decided he wanted to be hilarious rather than sexy.

sexting fails 9rap | Mindstray


10. When you accidentally sext your dad.

sexting fails 12rap | Mindstray


11. Is this a wrong number? or destiny?

sexting fails 8rap | Mindstray


12. This girl’s got problems.

sexting fails 11rap | Mindstray


13. The baddest boy alive.

sexting fails 13rap | Mindstray


14. He’ll never know the difference.

sexting fails 14rap | Mindstray


15. What’s sexier than movies and board games?

sexting fails 16rap | Mindstray


16. There’s nothing sexier than a hairy chest.

sexting fails 15rap | Mindstray


17. Some like it hot.

sexting fails 17rap | Mindstray


18. Who the hell is Michael!?

sexting fails 19rap | Mindstray


19. You dirty, dirty sextanter.

sexting fails 21rap | Mindstray


20. “It’s the socks that really get me going”.

sexting fails 20rap | Mindstray


21. That’s an image I won’t ever get out of my head.

sexting fails 18rap | Mindstray


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